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Hindi Drama Club, BITS, Pilani, is the official body responsible for all the activities related to Hindi Theatre on the BITS campus. Enjoying the enthued, dedicated support of a lively and talented member mass, HDC(as its famously called)'s flag has been flying high!!

Brochure Signing

Brochure Signing has always been a wonderful tradition in HDC. A simple sheet of paper soaked in memories that will never fade. A means to thank those who supported you through the play, made the play a thing to remember. We take the oppurtunity to thank all those who helped us make this site, the way it has come out.

The idea of having a HDC site is a very old one. We first thought of it sometime back in 2003. We had started the work then, articles were written, data was collected, but somehow the site never materialized. But the idea never died. Many thought the site will never come and Many supported us. Today we thank every one who was there by us and believed in what we believed in. A special mention to those who had submitted articles then (we have used them here, thanks :D ).

The site has 100+ actor profiles and around 40 play profiles. Every play has a write-up which the Directors of the play have contributed. A special thanks to all the directors, who have taken out time from their schedule to come up with beautiful description of their plays.

Every Year has a page telling about the events of that year and other details. We thank the Secretaries who have helped us with these pages.

Also a special thanks to Bipin, Ramp, Nu, Kim, Bangashu & Chanky jinko humne mail karkar ke bahut jyada pareshan kiya hai. During the course of making this site, we needed to verify a lot of things, findout about things that we didnt know about the club, ask suggestions, and gather data. They were always there to clarify our doubts and help us by replying promptly.

Let us also say "Thank You" to each and every HDCite, who were always there to motivate us with their words of encouragement and support us all through the making of site.

In the end, we would like to apologize to all those people - we have were troubled by our numerous mails, in whose profiles we have made a mistake, whose photographs were not exactly good [some ppl actually told us to put their better snaps!!], whose names have been (unintentionally) missed from a play. Please forgive us and send us a mail, we shall immediately correct the errors.

Thank You Guys for all the support, this site would not have seen light without you people.

Raheem Darediya & Pratik Naphade


Blogger Roopesh Singhare said...


We are a small theatre group in Indore (MP)and we were entering into a local drama competetion. We were planning to play "Rakhtbeej" written by Dr. Shankar Shesh. The problem here is we need to have a NOC written/verbal from author or authority. We know that Dr. Shesh is lived by his wife Madam Sudha Shesh...we were trying to get in touch with her and this is also a desperate trial to know her number or address.

In case you can help us, please do inform at ''

Awaiting your response.

Thanks and best regards

11:18 AM  

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